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Close the gap: Pilates for mothers who have already attended a postnatal course

Have you already taken a postnatal course? Is your rectus diastasis not yet completely closed? Or do you still have a weakened pelvic floor that needs more attention? 


Our experience shows that many women need a safe tranig even after the postnatal course. That's why we support you in continuing to strengthen and find your body centre in a safe way. It doesn't help if you do the wrong abdominal exercises (e.g. crunches) too quickly, this can lead to the opposite, i.e. abdominal instability or even lower back problems. 


The course is led by Adva and takes place in a small group of maximum 5 women, so we can optimally respond to you and your needs. Adva, a mom of 3 herself, is our expert when it comes to pregnancy and postnatal sessions. She will guide you with competence and personal advice, with a lot of heart and passion!



This is your chance to:

  • consciously strengthen your body to finally attend all our classes

  • support the recovery from rectus diastasis, props and incontinence problems

  • build and strengthen the abdominal and back muscles in a safe way

  • gain strength in the pelvic floor

  • restore stability to the spine through specific exercises

  • stretch shortened and tense muscles

  • improve your posture

  • Training your body awareness

In a nutshell: This exklusive small group Pilates class is a workout for your physical and mental well-being with like-minded mothers.

Dates & Investment


  • Every Thursday from 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm with Adva (starting from August 19, 2021)

  • This course is in English

  • The Course takes place without babies

Your investment:

  • Single Entry: CHF 47.-

  • 5 credits: CHF 210.-

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