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My name is Adva Nir. Originally from Israel and living in Switzerland with my husband and our 3 little ones.

Pilates has accompanied me through our journey around the world. Started practicing pilates 10 years ago in Israel, graduated from the Comprehensive Pilates Mat teacher training in New-York and completed the Allegro and Studio Equipment (3rd Degree) program in Zurich.

I love fitness and sweat, but then I also fell in love with Pilates - Why? Because I love the feeling of control over my body - physically and mentally, achieving strength & lightness at the same time, and simply - it just makes me feel good!

Pilates for me is a safe ground to really challenge myself but also be present and listen to my body  - This is how I practice and this is how I teach.

I find the human body, especially the body in movement, fascinating. Like in everything in life, there is always place to improve and grow so I keep learning for myself and to be a better instructor for you.


- Kane Core Integration Comprehensive Pilates Mat
- Pre- and Postnatal Pilates
- Pilates Bodymotion Trainerin für Studiogeräte 3rd Degree