Reconnect to your core after giving birth

After childbirth, you probably feel like nothing is the same again. Your newborn demands all of your attention, but your body, stressed by childbirth, also needs your attention to recover and find it's center again. 


In this postnatal course, we would like to support you as a new mom in exactly this. Perhaps even more than in other courses, body, soul and spirit are welcome to connect here. We understand each body is unique and reacts differently. That's why we only offer this postnatal course in a small group of maximum 5 moms, so we can focus on your needs.


Adva, a mom of 3 herself, is our expert when it comes to pregnancy and postnatal sessions. She will guide you with competence and personal advice, with a lot of heart and passion!




This is your chance to:

  • support the recovery from rectus diastasis, prolapse and incontinence problems

  • build and strengthen the abdominal and back muscles in a safe way

  • gain strength in the pelvic floor

  • restore stability to the spine through specific exercises

  • stretch shortened and tense muscles, especially in the shoulder and neck area 

  • improve your posture


Your free bonus: So that we can support you also outside of the studio the best possible way, you will receive loving little tips and tasks for yourself and your body once a week and thereby increase your well-being.​

Dates & Investment

  • Thursdays from August 19 until October 7, 2021 from 8.15pm – 9.10pm (8 weeks)

  • The course takes place without babies

  • This course is in English


Your investment: CHF 387.-