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A letter by Adva

Aktualisiert: 18. Feb. 2021

Dear all

I am so so happy and excited to be back!

Where have I been? A few months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I had to go through couple of surgeries and chemotherapy and still have some more treatments to go through but I am super ready to step back in to the studio and move together!

I am not here to write about the disease. I am here to talk about recovery. The cancer had taken many things from me but the one thing I was most afraid of was that it will take away my ability to move and practice sport like I used to and love so much.

So how do you fight against that risk? WITH MOVEMENT!

It doesn't have to be as full, as strong or as much as you used to before. Just don't stop moving!

I feel like pilates saved me these months. It was something safe that I could do even in the hospital or when I was weak: Small movement, Breathing, Walking. Going back to the basics of the pilates' exercises and principles felt safe and I could enjoy my body working as a whole.

If you know me, I usually like to push it. ;)

But the last few months, while listening to the doctors, I learned more then ever the importance of listening carefully to my body and what it needs at the present moment. Stay connected to your body to know when to give a push but also when to rest. With time and patient I got back my full range of motion and got slowly stronger.

Movement is healing. Physical and mental healing. And you don't need a big disease to heal from. It can heal even small moments. Sometimes the body and the soul are in conflict but I found that movement brings peace between them.

I want to thank Pilates Stube and of course Patricia, for the support and like a real home - always caring and waiting with open arms.

Can't wait to see you soon!

With Love, Adva

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